A modern Foundry & Machine shop focusing on creating high quality solutions to every industrial need.

  • General repair of earthmoving and hoisting machinery.
  • Manufacture and repair of hydraulic cylinders, rotations, etc.
  • Manufacture of conveyor belts, conveyor bolts, rollers, drums, tensioners.
  • Manufacture of various centrifugal pump components (impellers, rings, shafts, etc.).
  • Manufacture of all types of TUBE heat exchangers.
  • Manufacture of ASME pressure vessels.
  • Repair all types of valves.
  • Manufacture of centrifugal fans and air cyclones.
  • Manufacture of special vertical pumps for municipal waste water, petroleum, marble pulp and tomato processing plants.
  • Construction of vertical water pumps up to 17.000 m3 / h.
  • Repairs of all types of pumps (gears, pistons, centrifugal, etc.).
  • Manufacture of gears.
  • Heat treatment of cogwheels and steels in general.
  • Heavy duty steel structures.
  • General oil drill repairs.
  • General repair of quarry equipment (crushers, sieves, etc.).
  • General repairs of equipment for wood processing industries.
  • General repairs of equipment for the paper industry.
  • General repairs of small steam turbines and industrial air compressors.
  • Construction of oil well drill pipe threads.
  • Repair of metal spray shafts in hot and cold.
  • Dynamic balances up to 3,000 rpm, impellers, rotors of various rotary machines up to 2.5 meters in diameter and 3m long. Possibility of on-site vibration measurement and rotary balancing.
  • Manufacture and repair of marble quarry equipment and aggregates
  • Construction of high pressure piping networks (steam, oil, water, hydrocarbons).
  • Construction of hydrocarbon tanks.
  • Accurate alignments of up to 0.001mm rotary axes with LASER beams.
  • Maintenance of wind turbine mechanical parts, support and manufacture of accessories and maintenance tools.
  • Wind turbine maintenance.

Thanks to the cutting-edge technology that we use, we have the ability of producing castings that weigh from 0,5 kg to 2.500 kg from cast iron, steel, aluminium and brass alloys, with absolute respect to the European specifications.

Metal category Name
Cast Irons
Gray cast Iron GG20,GG25,GG35
White Cast Iron GX260CrMoNi20-2-1,
Ductile cast iron GGG40 up to GGG80
Steel for special applications NiHard I-IV, Ni-resist
Low alloy steel
GS-45, GS-52, GS-60,
GS-20Mn5, GS-8MnMo74
High alloy steel
Stainless steel AISI 304, AISI 304L, AISI 316,
AISI 316L,AISI 410,AISI 904L
Manganese steel GX120Mn12, GX130Mn12,
GX120MnCr12.2, GX130MnCr18.2,
Heat resistant steel GX40CrNiSi25-20, GX50CrNi30-30,
GX40CrNiSi22.9, GX25CrNiSi20.14,
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