Production of high strength castings

The foundry of Frederikos S.A. started operating in 2006, focusing on creating high quality castings that correspond perfectly to every industrial need.

Thanks to the cutting-edge technology that we use, we have the ability of producing castings that weigh from 0,5 kg to 2.500 kg from cast iron, steel, aluminium and brass alloys, with absolute respect to the European specifications.

“Cutting edge technology and strict specifications for the production of casting products of all kinds.”

The foundry is fully staffed with experienced scientific and technical personnel and consists of the following departments:

  • Storage and preparation of Raw Materials-Storage and preparation Department
  • Smelting – casting Department
  • Mould fabrication Department
  • Sand recycling Department
  • Surface cleaning and finishing Department
  • Core fabrication Department
  • Heat treatment Department
  • Quality control Department

Foundry equipment

  • Our established foundry equipment consists of:
  • 2 furnaces of 300 kg capacity each, 3 furnaces of 600 kg capacity and 1 furnace of 1600 kg capacity along with all the necessary auxiliary equipment.
  • Line of production, manufacturing and processing of moulding using the green sand or no bake method.
  • Equipment for the construction of cores
  • Furnace for thermal processing and heat treatments
  • Immersion and thermal treatment Tanks
  • Fully equipped laboratory for metalworking and mechanical tests


The construction of the models contributes significantly to the reducing of the time which is spent on the delivery of the castings.


The use of modern software CAD/ CAM minimizes delivery times and ensures the creation of models of even better quality.

“Use of new technology applications for design and manufacturing excellence, always with respect towards the environment. “

The FOUNDRY is certified according the International Quality Standard ISO 9001:2015.

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